August 8, 2018

REPtricity AdPath

REPtricity AdPath

REPtricity AdPath interactive campaigns allow you to learn more about your audience by enabling your social followers to interact with your brand by entering giveaways, voting or unlocking premium content.

H&M $100 Gift Card Promo



Available Paths include:

Content Locker: This gives your audience access to content in exchange for an action
Coupon: Create a contest around trying to win a coupon
Giveaway: Create a contest to allow your audience to win prizes
Download: Enable a download in exchange for an action
Question: Get feedback or ask users to answer questions to participate
Vote: Get user preference data in exchange for entering a campaign

  • AdPath actions can be mandatory or optional.
  • Each action can be assigned 1 to 3 points based on importantance to your strategy.
  • As entrants accumulate points, they increase their likelihood of being selected the winner.

Sharing and posting the campaign on all your social media channels will give you the best possible results. For added exposure, promote it via email or embed it on your website with our ready-to-use embed code.

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