January 25, 2016

WiFi Marketing

Looking for a way to drive your customers to your website and social networks?
Get more likes & followers for your business with FREE Social WiFi
Today, many businesses want more interaction with their customers on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more

smaart wifi

Social Media and Ad Response Targeting Wifi


Pubtricity offers a simple way to turn your business’s public WiFi hot-spot into a powerful social marketing engine that generates likes, followers and reviews for your business.
Using our customized SMAART WiFi  Access Point, your customers will be able to access to your business’s Free WiFi ONLY after they like your business on Facebook or Twitter or give you their email address.



  • Once a customer has “Liked” your page, a pre-configured message is posted to that customers social circle on Facebook,
  • A message like “I’m enjoying FREE WiFi at the Main Street Coffee House” can lead to potentially thousands impressions to their friends and followers.


Pubtricity offers a variety of options to customize your FREE WiFi hotspot

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