January 25, 2016

PR & Media Relations

Want to be interviewed on Radio, TV, Online or in Print?

Let Pubtricity help you get the media attention you deserve!

The High Energy Public Relations Team at Pubtricity secure interviews and appearances for you to educate your target market about your product or service.

Ready to be Interviewed?
Pubtricity works in collaboration with a global network of media outlets to provide them with stories and interactive content that engages, entertains and educates.

Our Pubtricity process begins with
1) Conducting an Initial Profile Session to create your Energetic Press Release
2) Plugging your information into our Media Connection Grid as Topic Expert
3) Ongoing proactive transmission of your story ideas to media outlets
4) When we schedule a media appearance for you, we call them SPARCs (Story Placement/ Appearance Received & Confirmed).

Need Coaching? We also can help with:

  • Public Speaking Coaching & Support
  • Fashion / Image Consultation

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