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We create unique and engaging cost-effective Reputation Marketing, PR and Branding solutions that drive $ales.
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What does your marketing say about your brand? Is it consistent and standardized? Does it evoke some sort of emotion when when customers see it? We can help you LIVE your brand.

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Reputation Management

Our most requested service REPtricity, provides our clients with a Real Time REPutation Management platform that checks, corrects, and locks in your online listings and customer feedback with the most up-to-date information about your business.

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Public & Media Relations

When its comes to media coverage and PR, our Pubtricity team works in collaboration with a global network of media outlets to provide them with stories and interactive content that engages, entertains and educates about your unique business

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Digital Marketing

Today everything is digital..from the morning newspaper to radio and tv..the interaction model has changed. Let us share some great innovative marketing technologies to get your business digitized for success.

About Pubtricity

You're the Quarterback on your allstar team

Pubtricity (pub·tris·it·tee) is defined as energizing your business with digital marketing services that help you get more clients and sales
Pubtricity is not selling. Pubtricity is not prospecting. Pubtricity is about getting a potential customer attracted to you before the first contact is made.



Darien Seidman

Co-Founder, CMTO
In addition to co-founding our company, Darien’s focus is on the further development of our marketing automation platforms and apps including SMAART WiFi & REPtricity


Project Manager
Devyn is part of our sales team building and maintaining relationships with clients and customers

Kyle Rosner

Media Intern
Kyle’s eye for design and form with function enables him to give our clients a unique brand image

Dean Seidman

Business Development
Dean is always on the lookout for clients needing the services that only Pubtricity can provide. Problem solved is his mantra!